Jul 27, 2012

Bramble Bield in the heart of Scotland

A while ago I came across this absolutely wonderful, magical and picturesque place in the heart of Scotland, near the city of Stirling. Its rustic gypsy charm would definitely make me feel like I was time travelling.  I've never been to Scotland but it's definitely one of my dream destinations and this place has just made this trip even more worth taking. 
They offer three beautiful, gypsy caravans named Rowan, Bramley and Holly, isn't it just sweet? I think charming is the best word to describe this lovely place. From what I've read on the website, they not only provide small yet luxurious accomodation but also treat you with breakfast that could satisfy Mary Queen of Scots, not to mention most food is home grown, from their own garden and chicken coop and delivered to your caravan door every morning. With all these magnificent details and the atmosphere camping just can't get better than this. And being a huge fan of camping I am officially in love with this place. I would never volountarily choose a fancy hotel room instead, well, at least not yet. For us, there is nothing better than being in the middle of nowhere, admiring the sunset while sitting by a campfire. Sounds cheesy, I know but this is our kind of happy place.....Ok, back to earth now, I'm off to run my errands. Have a lovely afternoon!

Stirling castle

all photos taken by Bramble Bield
Photos of Stirling Castle: Google images


  1. Loooooveeee.
    7 years of living in UK and I've never been in Scotland. So close. Damn!!!
    I'm going with you!

  2. przepiękne miejsce, pewnie nieźle można tam naładować się energią:) teraz do szkockiej "whisky trip" trzeba dodać ten zakątek!