Jul 9, 2013

Weekend in pictures

Crickets have taken up residence on our blog recently, no doubt about that. I think it's high time we kindly asked them to leave, right? We've been busy lately, busy working and busy taking some time off, too. Last weekend we spent filming a hotel near warsaw which was quite exhausting. Three days of non stop pictures and by non stop I mean a fifteen hour shift. This weekend was a total im-not-even-moving-my-finger kind of weekend. Three days (yes, a three day weekend) of absolute chillout. We went to Czorsztyn with our dearest friends Roxy and MichaƂ. The coolest thing about them is that we are so utterly and completely ourselves with them. And the dogs, oh the dogs were in heaven. We also  diagnosed our dog with adhd, that's for sure. This dog's batteries never go flat. Anyway, apart from just lying in the garden, doing mani/pedi and chatting we took a stroll by the lake, sat by a bonfire until late night, had some great food, played Settlers of Catan and watched some chick flicks. Ok, the boys were more into the game. So, let the picture overload begin...

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