Feb 16, 2014

Time for changes

As many of you have noticed we've been absent here on the blog for some time now. After the last post you already know why but it's a bit more than just about waiting for the baby. For a few months we've been in this state where we keep talking about doing something new and exciting. Be it crafting, cooking, photography and lots others but we keep running into this same wall. Lack of motivation. Sure, maybe it's the fact that Monika is not feeling perfectly well at the moment and she doesn't have the same energy as she used to, so it's a bit harder to get about doing anything, but we feel it's also the fact that we need a change of scenery, a new place to give us more energy.
We were planning renovating our apartment for a long time now. We didn't get around doing it mostly because we simply couldn't afford it but also because we were constantly postponing it. Now that the baby is on the way we thought to ourselves that it's high time for us to prepare the nursery. Once we got to planning this one, special room our initial ideas got bigger and bigger and suddenly it turns out that we're not just renovating one room but the whole apartment (well, almost).
It will all take quite a lot of time as there is a lot to do! New windows, new floors, new walls and other, not so minor, things. We'll be keeping you up-to-date on how the work is developing.

Unfortunately, this also means that there won't be much cooking going on. There is dust everywhere and we don't want all our meals to be crunchy;) It's mostly take-away or ready-cooked meals but we promise that once all this is over we're coming back with lots of delicious posts.

Here are some "before" pictures of our apartment. As you can see I didn't manage to take pictures before all the work started so it's all a huge mess right now.



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  1. Jestem strasznie ciekawa efektów końcowych :) Powodzenia!