May 25, 2014

Random photos from the weekend and some ramblings of a pregnant lady

Lately, we all have been feeling pretty well and I think it's mainly thanks to the gorgeous weather. The fact that I am no longer able to sleep longer than 8 am (and unable to stay up later than 9 :/) has made my days way more fun. I forgot how nice it is to wake up so early and have breakfast with my love without all the rush. I think nature has it all well planned for parents to be. We spend so much more time together, we have more time to talk, more time to laugh, be there for one another and simply enjoy the last weeks of being a team of two. 

If you like it or not, being 31 weeks pregnant makes you start thinking of what's about to happen in short 9 weeks. I must say (and I hope this feeling won't go away) I am super positive. Talking about it with Kamil really makes it so much easier. You may think  'how on earth can talking to a man help' but it really can. Maybe it's because while talking to him I focus on the emotional side of the labour, on how I would like to feel and what we can do to make this day feel extra special. You skip all the talk about contractions, dilation and other fun stages, these things do not depend on you anyway, instead, you can focus on things you can actually have influence on, right? That's my plan for the next two months, prepare myself emotionally and spiritually or at least try my best to go this way as I know it's something you can't really predict or plan. Have any of you ladies done it?

This morning we went to a breakfast food market and spent a couple of hours eating (there was sushi, crepes, pastry, a real feast) and just enjoying the sun. The market will run all summer in a park near where we live and it's just great. We need more events like this around here. 

Lady Ginger turned three a week ago so we've been spoiling her a bit more since then. We love her so much and can't wait to see her meet the baby, she's going to be a great big sister (yes, I said it!), I'm sure. Just look at this face!

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  1. Jak zawsze magicznie!
    Fakt, te ostatnie tygodnie są zakręcone, korzystajcie z siebie dwojga na maxa, bo potem jednak życie bardzo sie zmienia, niby są dziadkowie itd. ale nie ma już tego spontanu który towarzyszył nam wcześniej - oczywiscie nie wrocilabym do tamtych czasow, Emilka jest najwspanialszym prezentem od losu. Nie boj sie porodu, wiemj ze moje gadanie niewiele pomoze, jednak to nas - kobiet - największy sprawdzian, ale pare godzin bolu a potem piękny nowy rozdział!