Dec 3, 2011

Do it yourself

I do believe what people say about star signs is true. I am a Libra and so many times I have heard Libras have a gift for art. Well. I can't really say I'm an artist but I decided to give it a try anyway. I found some DIY instructions on my beloved design sponge and sat down to work. Gosia...thank you again for lending me the sewing machine, I was so desperate, I was willing to do all the needlework it saved me some time :) On friday, I spent the whole evening struggling with the bloody machine which decided not to cooperate but luckily I put my mom on the speaker and after 2 hours of step by step guidelines we managed to make it work.
Today was a rather busy day, too. We woke up and saw the living room swamped with torn pieces of clothes and thread absolutely everywhere. It really looked like a crime scene. After we tidied up the mess, we made apricot and cranberry buns and tortilla for dinner, (recipies tomorrow). It was really tasty but all I could think of was what to sew next. So, after over 10 hours of hard work, with a terrible back pain and achy fingers I would like to show off  a little with what I have done. Here you can find the instructions.

little purses

lingerie bag

a set of red purses
a set of lingerie bags

 I know it's saturday evening but I'm done for today. Have a good night my friends.


  1. Bravo Monia! Good job! These are so cute!

  2. Chciałabym mieć taką smykałkę jak TY do tworzenia różnych cudeniek, a jeszcze bardziej do gotowania :P :)
    Panna Anna

  3. Smykałki to ja specjalnie nie mam, po prostu jak sobie coś wymyślę, to muszę to zrobić, nie ważne jaki będzie tego efekt :)A pomysłów to ja mam ho ho :)