Sep 17, 2012

Weekend in pictures

 Last time we posted weekend in pictures was over a month ago. Gosh, we haven’t been the most avid bloggers recently for which we truly apologize. It’s been strangely quiet over here lately, so there wasn’t much to share. Fortunately, we managed to do a little escapade to visit Roxy in her hometown Nowy Targ. It was great, short but intense. We started the day with a long walk in the forest, then we cooked a bit and spent the rest of the day drinking, playing cards and laughing so hard my face muscles were literally in pain. On the way back home (the next day of course) we paid a visit to Kamil’s parents where I spent the whole day in bed with…The Twilight Saga. I feel no shame to admit it :) in fact, I love it and I’ve become totally obsessed with it. I was so irritated by the whole vampire phenomenon before, and now…I’m behaving like a silly teenager, anxious about what will happen in the next chapter. 

PS: Rox, thanks for having us :*

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