Nov 12, 2012


Loving: I’m loving how our home slowly becomes warmer and cosier for the coming winter. I love this time of year, mainly because we get to spend more time together in the evenings, just snuggling up…obviously, because it’s getting cooler every day. Although it’s still over a month till Christmas I’m slowly getting the holiday spirit. 

Reading: It’s my third attempt to read Love In The Time of Cholera. I should change my reading habits though. I always read in bed so my books usually help me fall asleep. I have also been reading Photography A to Z for…nobody knows how long. I really should learn how to use the manual mode a bit more. 

Watching: We saw Die Hard last night, oh yeah! It never gets old. There is nothing better than watching a good action film with Kamil. I think it was also a good intro for our usual xmas movie selection. Some are classics, some are cheesy but we love them and will probably watch them over and over again every year around Christmas. 

Listening to: Youth Lagoon, Dirty Projectors, Morning Benders. They put me in a really good mood. 

Thinking about: Our failed getaway to London. We were supposed to fly this Wednesday but Kamil is working on a new project and we had to cancel. This makes us a little sad, we love going back there. I’m also back to thinking of getting a tattoo, hell yeah!

Looking forward to: Christmas, definitely! It’s going to be lovely, as always. We will get to see all of our parents. I’m excited to fix all the decorations at home and bake some holiday goodies. 

Making me happy: Crafting, paiting walls and browsing through the net in search of pretty things and inspirations for our home. 

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