Apr 4, 2013

Easter weekend in pictures

Hello there! It's been a while...again. I don't know if it's my lack of inspiration or exhaustion caused by the neverending winter in Poland. Maybe it's both. I'll be honest here, I've been thinking of calling time of death for this blog many times. But somehow it's become a part of my life, very teeny tiny but it really did. I've met (only online) so many interesting people here, found so many wonderful blogs, read so many inspirational posts. I've been struggling with some problems of my own and many of these blogs have helped me look at them from a different perspective, they made me set my priorities, knowing them will help me change and I need this change although it is a long process. 
Let's say I'm constantly adjusting my frequency and knowing there are so many people in the blogspot community going through similar stuff helps...a lot. So, I think I'll stick around for a while longer. Receiving emails and comments from you makes it really worth it. 

Well, anyway, we visited my parents this Easter which looked and felt more like Christmas. We spent it indoors most of the time. If not Ginger we would have stayed there for the entire time. The trip to my parents was horrible and very dangerous, at least the journey back was decent. This is what we saw on friday, when we were supposed to set off. 

...at least it was warm

...and Ginger had a blast, seriously, I've never seen my dog this happy.

The beginning of this post may sound a bit pessimistic but we are both fine, we jumped almost as high as Ginger :) Life is good, at least most of the time. 

When it comes to food we have nothing fancy to brag about this time. We made some cookies and cakes last year but this time I was a complete failure in the kitchen. Not only did I come up with just two recipes but the first one ended up in the bin and the other was lemon polenta cake I made a while ago. These were supposed to look like these and I was so excited. Once I put them upside down the real fun began. I watched them all slide down the sticks in slow motion, one by one. It's funny now but believe me...it made me shed a tear. 

 I hope you had a wonderful time this Easter. If you have some more interesting pictures of the easter table feel free to share it here with us. 

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