Apr 22, 2013

Italia, amore mio!

Ciao! We are back from a short trip to Italy. It was a blast. The weather may not have been the prettiest but we still had a lot of fun seeing all the beautiful sites of Bergamo and the towns surrounding Lago Iseo where we spent half of the trip. 
We are both huge fans of Italy. We love its picturesque views, little towns, stone houses and people, yes, italians are the best. So, when I found the tickets a while ago I booked them at once without even consulting it with Kamil. I knew he’d love the idea. 
We flew to Bergamo which is located less than 40km from Milan. We decided to stay there rather than spend the whole time in crowded Milan. To our surprise Bergamo turned out to be a real pearl. It’s not too big and it has the prettiest old town on the top of a hill with a breathtaking view of the city and the surrounding mountains. 
We stayed there until late afternoon, drank a few cafes and had one of the best if not THE best pizza ever. We then went back to the airport to pick up the car we had rented. You can’t imagine how happy we were when we got a Fiat 500. There’s nothing better that traveling accross Italy in a Cinquecento. 



Citta Alta, Old town of Bergamo

Seriously? Dirty sneakers for almost 200E?

Shoes off! Now we’re resting.
We found a lovely spot by Iseo lake. We had to spend the night there, it was just too beautiful. 

If you think it’s impossible to spend a comfortable night in a 500, you’re mistaken. 

Best lunch ever!

The next morning we traveled mostly through tiny and lovely little towns around Iseo (one was even called Lovere, we just had to go there).

I don’t think I have to mention how good italian wine was. There is something special about it (that makes it almost impossible to stop drinking)

The best part of any trip it to see a friend waiting for you with a huge grin on her face :) Too bad the plane landed ahead of time and we didn’t get to make a grand entrance. 
Thank you Rox, you saved us yesterday, otherwise we would have spent another 2 hours getting back home. 

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