May 5, 2013


Our first plans for the long May weekend didn't work out but luckily our dear friend Gogo invited us to his house for a day of bbqing. We arrived rather early to make good use of the whole day ahead and spent it all surrounded with our cool friends. Unfortunately, the weather was awful for the most part but that didn't stop us from having a wonderful time. There were tons of delicious food that I ate and ate to the point that I wasn't able to swallow one more salad leaf. 
So, to no feel too bad about ourselves we decided to play a bit of football 3 on 3. I am an absolute disaster when it comes to this game but luckily we finished with a tie and couldn't continue as it was getting dark. My shoes and socks were all wet and it was getting unpleasant anyway.
To warm ourse lves up after all this time outside we started with a few shots and continued with other liquers which unfortunately didn't end well for me.
What I recall the least clearly is playing party games with everyone around the table which I am sure was a lot of fun!

Can't wait for more barbeques like this in the coming months! Thank you Gogo!


All three dogs had a lot of fun, too. We were worried Ginger wouldn't be accepted as a girl from out of town but as it turns out they both fell in love with her which was just the cutest.


  1. That house is awesome, the football, not so much... :-)

  2. About this BBQ party, I found that those dogs more happier than you. lol. This first pic is your charcoal bbq, I want to know whether it can offer enough food to get everyone eat at the same time.