Aug 27, 2013

Over the weekend

Last weekend was a blast. Together with K's parents we threw a party for our sweetest niece Nina. She turned three so we thought a serious bday party is a must. She's moving into toddlerhood, going to kindergarten and becoming one serious lady, celebrating it with a bang was the only option. So pardon the brag, but I have to show off a bit with how the party turned out and it did pretty well I think. 

J&D I hope you won't kill me for posting these (which are quite cute by the way)

Baking cookies and making bunting and paper garlands was really great

Hope nobody left the party hungry.

Ginger felt like a fish in the water surrounded by so many peeps. 

There was a pinata and a teepee (it looked a bit like a homeless person's shed but at least it was pink)

As you have probably guessed the colour theme was pink and red, does it look pink and red? I hope so.

And the day after. Apparently the party made Kamil wake up his inner child and take it for a walk. 

 It was a wonderful weekend. Happy Birthday Ninka, we love you!!!

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