Jun 16, 2014

Strawberry lemonade, tiny family photo shoot and some random pics.

I hope everyone’s weekend was blissfull, although the weather didn’t really spoil us over here. We spent a rather mellow weekend, not doing much apart from cooking, listening to music, crafting etc. This past few weeks we’ve actually been doing all sorts of crazy stuff (believe me, if you’re this pregnant going for a walk seems like climbing mt everest). Kamil has been swamped with work lately so I have more time to focus on making more bits and pieces for the baby girl. There are some new toys, a new curtain that’s waiting to be hanged, oh! and I sorted the baby clothes for the hundredth time. There was sorting by colour, by size, by kind, this time it was by cuteness. 

Yesterday we celebrated Kamil’s dad, it was his b-day and we spent it mostly in the garden. I made this super delicious strawberry lemonade and we just had to take a few pics.

In case you’re interested, the ingredients are:

200gr strawberries
2 lemons
2 tbsp brown sugar
sparkling or still water
ice cubes

Blend the strawberried with the juice of 2 lemons and sugar. Pour into a jug and fill to the top with water, add some mint and ice cubes if it’s super hot.


We really need more pictures of the three of us or soon the four of us.

I forgot how nice it is in the city centre.

We have this window on the kitchen wall and every time I cook Ginger does this. She thinks it’s a shop and I’m the shop assistant. 

The power of healing paws.

Trying on some baby stuff.

These two! Their cuteness is just killing me. 

I love this view. I know I’ll miss it when it’s gone. 

And how was your weekend?

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