Jul 12, 2014

What's for dinner - Pasta shells with ricotta cheese and bacon

A while ago we've teamed up with Termisil, a company which makes heat resistant glass kitchenware. We've been cooking and photographing various recipes every now and then which is kind of cool, plus it's a great motivation to actually make something more fancy than another soup or boring pasta for dinner. I haven't been the brightest cook recently (i blame the pregnancy of course) but Kamil's been a huge help and I don't know what I'd do without him. Not only does he take all the pictures (obviously) but he does half the cooking, too. 

Anyway, here's one of the recipes from last week. It turned out really delicious and it's rather hard to satisfy my taste buds these days. 

What you need:

20 pasta shells
250gr ricotta cheese
50 gr grated mozzarella
10gr bacon slices
big bunch of fresh basil 
tomato passata
salt & pepper
dry or fresh oregano
olive oil
100gr cherry tomatoes

What to do:

Cook pasta until it's al dente
Preheat the oven to 190C
Fry the bacon until golden and crispy and cut into small pieces
Mix together both cheeses, bacon and chopped basil, season to taste 
Pour the passata into a heat proof dish and sprinkle with olive oil and oregano
Stuff the pre-cooked shells with the cheese filling and place in the dish.
Cover with some more grated mozzarella and cherry tomatoes cut in half.
Bake for 25mins
Serve with fresh basil leaves. 



  1. Italian cousine or should I say junk food is based on 3 things only: tomato, oregano and cheese that is it!

  2. Did you use real tomato passata or simple przecier pomidorowy? :) I've never seen passata in polish markets and sometimes I don't know how I can replace it when recipe refers to it.