Jul 17, 2014


These past 9 months flew by so fast, it's unbelievable. I have to soak in these moments, the beginning already seems like a distant past. I'm writing it in the past tense cause I'm ready, I am so ready I could have this baby today. She's a little stubborn though. I know it's super cozy in mama's belly but I've been trying to convince her it's going to be twice as much fun outside. The hospital bags are packed, the nursery is ready (photos coming very soon, there is just one tiny human missing), heck, I'm even excited for the labour, ha!. So, we really, really hope the lady will join us sometime next week. Worried that we may not have enough time we had a little photo shoot yesterday. Kamil did a great job (as usual) and I think the pics turned out great, I love them. 
And by the way dear girl friends/moms, do you have any suggestions how make hospital stay much better? I'm talking about little things that make it more comfy. If you do, I'd be grateful if you shared this secret. 


  1. ja wzielam swoją podusię do szpitala i oczywiście mąż jedzonko donosił bo szpitalne jest tragiczne! zdecydowanie te dwie rzeczy były pomocne:)

    1. Poducha! nie wpadłabym na to, dzięki ogromne :* Już ląduje w torbie :)

  2. Powodzonka, a w ciąży wyglądasz prześlicznie.

  3. strasznie się ta wasza ciążą cieszę;)