Aug 1, 2014

She is here

Our precious baby girl is finally here with us and we are overwhelmed with love and joy. She is perfect and she is more than we could have ever asked for. 

Lara turned 1 week yesterday but the day she was born seems like yesterday. It was a magical day, it was a perfect day and I would do it over and over again just to relive the moment when she was placed on my chest and I could feel her warm body and we could both hear her first little cry. It's undescribable. My labor went pretty well, it took only 6 hours so the pain didn't knock me down (it takes some time before they can give you the epi, which, by the way, I will be forever thankful for). I am so proud of myself, I did it. Kamil was a real help, too. I cannot imagine giving birth without him by my side. He rubbed my back, fed me, gave me water between contractions, he danced with me and held my hand...And then he became a father, he was so proud and I loved him even more. We became a family of three and we were so in love. 

Here are some pictures Kamil took that day.

Waiting, still with a smile on my face :)

At some point it was slightly boring, for me, too :)

Oh the epi kicked in.

And a few hours later this happened...


First walk

Snuggling in bed is now my favourite thing

Showing Lara her room for the first time

For those of you who wonder how Ginger is handling the new situation...

Welcome to the world little love!


  1. Przepiękna dziewczyna ! Gratulacje dla całej waszej rodzinki

  2. Love love love! :D
    przepiekni Wy i przepiekne zdjecia!
    nie znamy sie osobiscie, ale czytam Was juz od dluzszego czasu.
    najpierw zakochalam sie w Ginger, a teraz w Larze :)
    gratuluje Wam slicznie z calego serducha!

    1. Bardzo, bardzo dziękujemy. Nie wiem co powiedzieć :) Ogromnie nam miło czytać takie komentarze. Ściskamy mocno!!!