Sep 14, 2014

Weekend in pictures

This was one gloomy and ugly yet lovely weekend. We went pumpkin hunting again. We try to do it every year before fall. This is the post from last year and the year before. It’s nice to have different family traditions and now that we have Lara we’ll definitely carry on with this one and hopefully many more. Our little girl needs lots of good childhood memories in the future and it’s never too early to start collecting them, right? 

This year we only purchased edible pumpkins. Did you know that almost all of them are?

So, lots of recipes with pumpkin are coming this fall.

I think I’m a little in love with pumpkins, aren’t they all pretty?

 We spent the rest of saturday at my in-laws’, the weather was dreadful but we somehow managed to have a bbq and we insistently sat on the terrace until dusk, although it rained a little.

Sunday morning was even prettier and Lara decided to wake us up at 7. We took a long, refreshing walk through the fields and it felt like on the set of Twilight. 

Lara didn’t care much for Twilight or that mom and dad were playing hide and seek on a field of corn.

The rest of the day was pleasant though. Unfortunately, my hair stayed just s dreadful as the weather before and is in desperate need of a cut.

Luckily, candy coloured nails are always a good distraction.

We took another walk and breastfed on the way. 

And the sweetest part of this weekend was seeing Lara with her cousin Nina together. It got me teary-eyed when Nina helped me take care of Lara, she handed the diapers, helped choose new set of clothes, stroke her hands and cheeks and kept an eye on the dummy. I love this little girl and I can’t wait to see them both play and make some trouble. 

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