Jan 24, 2015

Star Wars Baby Mobile

It’s never too early to start learning what the most crucial things in life are, right? That’s why we decided to educate Lara the moment she opened her eyes…with a Star Wars baby mobile of course. I know it’s not perfect but it’s made with love. I hadn’t really cared much for star wars before I met Kamil. I remember telling him-“star wars? have I seen it? well, it rings a bell but I hardly remember it” and the look on his face and the slight hesitation-“do I break up with her this instant or do I give a chance to this sad ignorant”. I was a quick learner, though, a padawan one might say and I quickly became a fan. It’s so sweet to see Kamil tell Lara all the exciting stories about Luke and Leia, while they both hang above her crib. Frankly, I am happy these are not pink hearts or colourful unicorns flying above her head, I’m happy it’s Yoda and Chewbacca. It makes my heart melt to see Kamil and Lara create this special bond. 

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