Feb 13, 2015


It has been super crazy over here the last couple of months. We’ve been working hard on Kangoo Wrap which is really great and I know it’s been only a short while but it has already given us huge satisfaction and it makes me super happy we can share the love for babywearing with others. We are also working overtime to wrap a few things up before our upcoming holidays (I honestly don’t remember the last time we were on holidays). Apart from all this we’ve been madly in love with our baby girl. No words can describe it really but somehow our love to her grows bigger and bigger with each passing day. She is such a wonderful girl, she is in this fun new phase where we understand each other perfectly (almost all the time) without words (obviously) and most of the time she laughs, smiles and just hangs out with us, doing her stuff while talking and singing to herself in her own language. Just now, as I’m writing it Kamil came to the room and asked if I miss her and I really do. When I put her to bed I usually just stay there for a while and look at her as she sleeps. I know I should cherish every moment of this stage. It’s scary how quickly the time passes. 
Here are a few pics we took last week. Lara dressed in yellow and grey so we decided to follow along. 

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