Sep 19, 2011

Away we go is not just another road-trip film. Not that it changed my beliefs or attitude to my life but it definitely cheered me up and motivated a little bit. This story of a friendly, very much in love couple who is expecting a baby revolves around searching for their place on earth. So one day they embark on a journey accross North America to find THE perfect home. Along the way, they meet their old friends and family of varying emotional stability who just might help them discover "home" on their own terms. What I loved about this film is its simplicity. It's not as complicated as other films of this kind, it doesn't make you feel depressed but it puts a smile on your face. There are super sweet moments that could have been skipped but that doesn't really bother. Altogether it's a nice film for positively thinking people trying to find their way in life.

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  1. It seems to be great. I love films like this and I hope I'll find it somewhere.