Sep 29, 2011

Masters of the Universe!

Ok, well maybe that's saying too much but that's how we want to feel today. Yesterday we both got our MA degrees! We've been waiting for this day for sooo long that it took us a few hours to realize that we're finally free from the burden of having to sit and write every evening. Today is definitely a day to relax and enjoy the woderful weather. We're just about to leave for a long walk to a nearby park and after we come back it's time to think about our future and what we want to do with it.

This is what we'll do with all the papers and notes laying around the house ;)

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  1. Ok, and now forget about this useless mgr. The most important thing in your career is the experience and skills you can offer potential employeer. Master degree in Poland is like a BA in the western culture. Polish universities put us in the narcistic, protective bubble that usually prevents us from developing great skills. For me it was a hard landing, realizing that with my 3 degrees I have to start from really basic jobs in the USofA. Now working my way up and getting more skills. Skills is the only thing that matters here.