Oct 13, 2011

Anger management

Angry Birds is already called this generations Pac-Man. Frankly, I was never a fan of Pac-Man but Angry Birds on the contrary is addictive as hell! It’s the fantastic gameplay that makes it so fun to play but what also counts are the birds themselves. They are very simple heroes but so cute and unique from each other that no wonder there is already a ton of fan art on the internet and merchandise appearing everywhere. I just found some really great paintings that make these lovely creatures look life-like. Mohamed Raoof who made them has lots of talent!

In case someone doesn’t know what Angry Birds are (how is that possible!?!) it’s a game which involves shooting birds using a slingshot in order to topple constructions made of different materials and hitting pigs and the same time. The game is very simple to jump into but extremely difficult to master.

Fan art from a different artist - fabulous!


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