Oct 17, 2011

Birthday weekend

So it was Monika's birthday this weekend. We spent Saturday with a group of friends that prepared a gorgeous dinner for her. It was composed of so many ingredients that I can barely remember half of them but I think the pictures speak for themselves and you can tell that what we ate was pretty phenomenal! The portions were so enormous that most of us barely ate half and we were full but we still had to make room for dessert. Ania made a delicious lemon tart and we sang Monika Happy B-Day accompanied by music coming from the most outrageous candle ever!


Morning welcomed us with a first frost this year :( Winter is comming...

To warm things up (mostly our stomachs) we made pancakes with lots of delicious toppings.

Monopoly after breakfast :)
On Sunday we went for a short walk as the weather was simply beautiful but really cold at the same time. Even Ginger had shivers.

popular spot for wedding shots



  1. Oj, spóźnione, ale jak najlepsze życzenia dla Moniki :)
    Spełnienia marzeń!!!
    p.s. ostatnie zdjęcie jest po prostu piękne!

  2. Dzięki serdeczne :)
    Aż się czerwienię.
    Pozdrawiamy...równiez kociaki :)