Nov 28, 2011


It’s been a lovely trip. I guess this city will never bore me. It’s so different. I love its fast pace and the streets that smell of perfume. I love the kind bus drivers, paper coffee cups, colourful Notting Hill houses, private, hidden gardens in the middle of the city, the sound of an oncoming underground train, christmas decorations in Oxford Street and British men wearing tweed jackets and polished shoes. I love it all. 

Gosiu, thank you again for being such a great companion, Aga, thanks for being such a great host and babe, thank you so much for texting me so often…I’m not leaving you again, three days is way too much. 

oldest sequoia

a text is much faster

Charlie’s Angels

Covent Garden

Whittard of Chelsea

Notting Hill


best cookies in the whole wide world

Kate is everywhere

Praline mocha


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