Nov 10, 2011

Long time no Ginger

A little update on how our puppy is doing. She’s almost 6 months now, weighs over 20kg (she was 4,5 when we got her) and every day she’s becoming more and more beautiful. It seems like yesterday when she was a tiny, clumsy puppy. I miss that but on the other hand she’s slowly getting that our hands and feet are not chewing toys and that not everyone she meets outside is her friend or owner. She’s also revealing her true hunting nature chasing and sniffing everything that moves. She’s also the biggest cuddle lover. There’s absolutely no way she’s sleeping in her basket while we’re watching a film on the sofa…and since we don’t mind cuddling, either, in the end it’s me, Kamil and the dog under one blanket. At least nobody is getting cold…and winter is coming, right? :-) So, all in all. we’re absolutely head over hills in love with Ginger and even thinking she could have found a different family makes us really sad. And the sweetest thing is when she comes to check on us while you’re working, puts her head on our lap and looks at us with those big eyes, it makes us realize it was a really great decision to take her :)

she loves it there


well, we don’t even feel bad anymore 

tiny but best friend
no point buying dog toys, she prefers hangers or old socks instead

my favourite pic of G and her sister Laura

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