Nov 8, 2011

My Little Darth Vader

Time for another Star Wars related post! At least partially. Mari Kasurinen makes fantastic My Little Pony variations with different pop culture icons as the main theme. Obviously as a manly man I was much more into G.I.Joe as a kid but nonetheless I knew what My Little Pony toys were. Always there in the pink toy section of the store just beside Barbie dolls. Just take a look at the sculptures below and tell me they’re not cool!


My Little Darth Vader
My Little Stormtrooper
My Little Chewbacca

My Little Leia

My Little Luke Skywalker

My Little Boba Fett

My Little Han Solo

My Little Slave Leia

And some other characters…

My Little Iron Man

My Little Alien
My Little Predator

My Little Batman

My Little Jack Sparrow

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