Feb 3, 2013

Classic chocolate brownie

We are both huge chocolate lovers. Whenever we are desperate to have something sweet we usually go for some pure chocolate. It’s bad, I know, but there is nothing that will cheer you up better that this devilish/heavenly treat, don’t you agree? Brownie is supposed to be the easiest chocolate cake, yet, up until yesterday, mine had always been either like a brick I could break the window with or it was bone dry and could only come with a bucket of milk on the side. This one on the other hand was just perfect, gooey inside and slightly crisp on top. I think I finally found the perfect combination of all the ingredients and mastered the ideal cooking time.  

Mwlt chocolate and butter in a bowl over simmering water

Cool slightly and blend in 4 eggs, one at a time, add sugar and mix well

Don’t forget to add:
0,5 tsp salt
3/4tsp baking powder

Add espresso shot and flour, mix just untill well combined. Pour into a square 20x20 cooking tin with greased parchment. Bake max 25mins even if the center looks undone.  


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