Jan 30, 2013


Loving: Very simple things really. Starbucks Vanilla coffee I got from my bestie Gosia, it's so delicious I could drink a bucket a day. Now that's lame but I'm so loving my new bamboo tablet (a device to add handwriting to your photos but more on this later). I've been scribbling and drawing all over my photos, it's so addicting. 

Reading: I decided to finally check what all the fuss with 50 Shades of Gray is about. I've only just started and I really hope the story will soon change from a reqular Harlequin to a more exciting plot. 

Watching: So much right now! I am up to date with all my regulars (New Girl, Modern Family) but I also finished the first season od Girls. I'm not 100% sure if I like it but there is definitely something about it that makes me want to watch more. I've also been watching Once Upon a Time a story of an American town where all creatures from the Enchanted Forest were trapped. I know, sounds cheesy but it really hooked me right away. 

Listening to: I have been listening non stop to the new album by The Lumineers, I love it. I am also back to Birdy, I'm in the mood for such tunes at the moment. 

Thinking about: Lots of things that are currently on plate over here. It's our work, blog, family and other big, big things. We're thinking a lot about all this. Some things must be changed, that's for sure, we're just figuring out where to start.

Looking forward to: Spring! I'm loving this winter but I would gladly welcome some warm breeze and a bit of sun. I also can't wait to start our new cooking video project. We have some fresh ideas, I've been collecting props, gathering recipes, drawing, sketching and getting ready to start filming. yay!

Have a lovely week!

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