Mar 12, 2013


I feel terrible. When we started this blog we promissed ourselves we would post regularly no matter what, no matter how much we work or how tired we are. Now, we've only been regularly neglecting the blog and that makes us really sad. I'm not a fan of posting just for the sake of it, afterall, more does not always mean better, right?:) Anyway, I'm sure you are all jumping with joy that MoKa posted something new, I know, I know :) 

Nothing super exciting has happened in our lives recently, really. We had some friends over, actually, each weekend in February we hosted friends, some of them stayed for the whole weekend, some dropped in to just hang out, it was great. We also visited our aunt and uncle who just came back from Japan. They threw a Japanese party with mind blowing japanese food. I had no idea the Japanese had so many delicious meals apart from sushi. 

When nobody is available for a game of our favourite board game, we ask Ginger to join us. 

We babysat our dearest niece Nina. We love her truly, she's the cutest todler ever. Kamil tried to teach her to play the guitar.

My dear friend Kasia asked me to take a few photos of her belly. I'm no photographer and the weather that day was terrible but I managed to snap a few decent photos. Can't wait to meet the little guy!


Last weekend Roxy introduced us to our new favourite dish. Seriously, this girl rocks, she made Moroccan chicken tagine and words cannot describe how good it was. I'll definitely cook it again very soon and share it with you.

Somebody misses her baby Houston, a lot! :)

Apart from all this, we've been hiding inside our warm and cosy flat. Whoever said spring was coming was lying. It's officially colder that it was in december.


  1. Długo gracie już w Osadników? My też mamy tą grę, ale u nas gra wywołuje tyle emocji, że aż ostatnim razem posprzeczaliśmy się z przyjaciółmi :) Mimo wszystko jednak bardzo lubię tą grę i swego czasu mocno zastanawialiśmy się nad kupnem dodatków do niej.

  2. Pierwszy raz graliśmy już w zeszłym roku na majówce i się zakochaliśmy. Pod choinkę sprawiliśmy sobie swoją pierwszą własną :) Mamy już dodatek rybki a nasi znajomi, z którymi gramy kupili ostatnio żeglarzy, jesteśmy tak tym podekscytowani, że hej :)) moglibyśmy w to grać non stop :) No i czekamy na najnowszy dodatek:)

  3. Ohhhhhh, awesome. I gotta say that chicken and cous cous really looks good in the pictures. Man it is a good dish. YUM and that salad. YUM YUM YUM. And yes I miss my baby so so terribly but he's coming back home this weekend :D
    A walk is in order, outside of krakow in a woods somewhere, what do you think?