Mar 27, 2013

Weekend in pictures

We spent a long weekend at Kamil’s parents house. The weather was awful for the most part, snow and strong winds all the time! It’s spring dammit! At least Ginger had fun with it, she really loves snow. She also had a chance to let her instincts go and chased a herd of deer through the fields. Luckily the camera was ready to capture that. Too bad we don’t have a tele-photo lens :/

We also spent a lot of time playing our new board game - one of the more popular in the world - Carcassonne. It’s a really pleasant game for the whole family that takes only a few minutes to get a hang of. 

We are slowly getting ready for Easter. We’re spending it at my parents’ this year. I’m looking forward to some good food and some quality time with my parents. 

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