Sep 16, 2013

A week by the sea with massive photo overload

We are back. We spent a week by the sea. The rainy weather didn’t spoil our visit and we still had a wonderful time. Tricity is a magical place, that’s for sure. If we ever move somewhere else in Poland it’ll most probably be Gdynia. So, september by the polish sea may not be too hot but we managed to have a swim anyway, it was surprisingly warm and pleasant. The beach was completely empty so we had it all for ourselves, only a few passersby stopped to see what we’re cooking. We weren’t really satisfied with the fish they had served at a restaurant and we decided to cook our own fish on a beach, on a pan and with a glass of wine and all. It was amazing. 
We had plenty of time to do crosswords, take millions of pictures, play with Ginger and figure lots of things out. It’s really good to do the last one somewhere else, far away from everyday distractions, it changes the whole perspective, clears your mind (turning 30 you know). We feel so much lighter now, ready for new challenges, kind of new era…so october and the rest of the year…bring it on!!! 

And here is the photo overload, as promissed. 

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