Aug 2, 2011

I don't mind being a housewife

…well, every now and again only. But that is true, there are days I just want to welcome my man with a bowl of hot soup and a plate of delicious food. It’s so nice to see a smile on his face when he comes back and while opening the door he smells something tasty waiting for him in the oven. I turned into a real housewife this morning, I put on an apron, turned on some music and got down to cooking. The soup was made by my mother-in-law but well I didn’t have enough time to cook it all. But I did take it all out on the gnocchi. The recipe is the easiest in the world but I spent more time washing up than cooking and everything was covered in flour…it was worth it though, my gnocchi are perfect. Do you think Kamil will be happy?

Don’t be mislead by the first picture, it’s only musk I added to gnocchi, I keep it in this vintage can which I love.

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