Jun 11, 2012

Garden Wedding - Part One

A while ago a friend of mine tried to convince me to write a post about our garden wedding. It’s been almost two years since the day I became a wife and I thought it would be too out of the blue to write about it now.  It took me a while to realize it’s not such a bad idea after all. I know it’s already June and those who are getting married this year probably have everything pretty much ready. But there are also those who have only just started thinking about their big day and I would be more than happy to share some ideas. Because there are so many of them I thought I could make this into a short series of wedding posts.

I don’t remember dreaming of my perfect wedding day when I was little. Did you? I started thinking of it when I got engaged. I can’t really say I always wanted a garden wedding. Maybe it’s because I had only been to three weddings before I attended my own. I had no comparison and I was too young. On two of them I was alone (I was a teenager not heartbroken :). Who knows, maybe if I was to marry somebody else, everything would have looked differently. Luckily, I had been engaged to a man who shared my likings and passions. It’s amazing how in harmony we’d been all this time. I think this was the best part.

So why a garden wedding? I think mainly because we wanted things done according to our plan and not somebody else’s.  We wanted to have it on a day we chose and not according to the restaurant’s schedule. We wanted to create the menu or choose decorations, because it was OUR wedding. I know it sounds harsh but wedding is meant to be the most special day for the newlyweds, and for it to be special it has to meet all their expectations. We are also very, very grateful that our parents did everything to make us feel most important and supported us in every way possible.

Surprisingly, we started planning our big day with the colour theme and then the guest list. We already knew the wedding would take place in Kamil’s parent’s garden. Anywho, chosing the venue should definitely be the first and most important step of a garden wedding. Here in Poland, it’s rather risky to organize a wedding in the open air. Tents in this case are the best solution.  Apart from our own photos, I’m going to share a few more ideas I found on the net. This and the colour theme is what I’m going to share with you in this post. 

We wanted to separate the sitting part from the dance floor so we had two tents connected with a wooden path. It was great, we could see the whole dancefloor from where we were sitting. There was no music band, only the one in the picture below. Kamil’s cousin took care of the music. He did a perfect job, we stayed up until 8 in the morning and there were still people dancing. Round tables was also the only option we were willing to go with. Although now, I know regular tables are not such a bad idea after all.

…and more from the Internet

I’m so happy I didn’t know Pinterest existed when I started planning my wedding. Otherwise I would probably still be doing so.

When organizing our wedding, we tried hard no to follow conventional guidelines. Luckily, people here are becoming less afraid of introducing new styles and concepts to the whole wedding thing. I did have a church wedding and I did have a white dress but no to treat things too seriously I went with yellow shoes and Kamil with citrus-coloured socks, which both fit with the colour theme of our party.

I think we definitely shouldn’t be afraid of giving our wedding more vibe and twist with fresh looking colours. The good thing is white dress goes perfectly well with every single colour. If you have more time, like we did, it’s also great to prepare all the decorations yourself. It’s a lot of fun and it kind of brings you two even closer together. 

Because of these shoes and all the stress I was under I almost hit the lady that was making them for me in her face. (I’m not usually like that). It took us 5 meetings to finally make her understand what I wanted. Yellow is not brown, ecru and ivory, right?
Name tags we didn’t get to use :(

Our invitation. We are particularly proud of it. Kamil drew this couple a long time ago during a lecture and we decided to use it. We are not fans of those shiny, white traditional invitations. This one may look like a invitation to a kindergarten party but we love it so much.
This is our most favourite photo from the wedding. We’re going to hang it on our living room wall very soon.
A tree in the entrance to the tent, we used it to hang all the table numbers and guest names.
All the flowers we had were yellow.
Most guests brought us yellow flowers and put on at least one yellow item of clothing We love them.

The only thing that didn’t go so well…the the first dance. We completely forgot the steps. Thank God Kamil improvised perfectly well and in the end he tore off one of the umbrellas on the ceiling. We hid under it and wanted to stay there for a while :) We still can’t get over it :)

…and two more I found on the Internet

Stay tuned, more posts are coming :) 

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