Jun 27, 2012

Wedding details

When planning a wedding it's really important to choose the wedding theme, whether it be only the colour theme or chic, intimate, cozy, rock&roll or easy going style. Very often, when we leave all the preparations in the hands of the restaurant organizers this part (style) is usually not even taken into account, but again I'm talking about polish weddings here. Such weddings are let's say proper (unfortunately not always!) but they miss this one special ingredient, the thing that makes this event unique and one of a kind. Unless you pay double and hire professional wedding planners, well, then all you need to do is come to the wedding.

The older I get, the more convinced I become that less is more and this relates to my own wedding as well. It was so much fun preparing everything ourselves (of course with the help of our parents, siblings and friends without whom it definitely wouldn't have been so easy).

The easy way out is to have everything prepared for you. Some of you may accuse me of being too self-confident in this matter but believe me, two years ago, we had no idea how to plan a wedding whatsoever. One day we sat down with a piece of paper and a pen and our minds open for ideas.

We chose the colour theme of our wedding based on our mood at that time. We were so happy and cheerful, citrus colours seemed just perfect. Ok, but enough about the colours, I know this is only a part of the whole event. 

When it comes to the groom, we felt rather frustrated when looking for a perfect suit for Kamil. He knew exactly what he wanted and it drove us crazy we couldn't find anything even close to it. There were either cheap looking (doesn't mean they were cheap) suits with waistcoats that look like sofa upholstery or a carpet or suits with golden threads and diamond cuff links.  

Appalled by what we'd seen in the shops we decided to have Kamil's suit made to measure. It was a great idea. Not only was it exactly what we wanted but also didn't cost us a fortune. (For those of you who live in Krakow, I still have the number to this place). 

The flowers. It was quite easy and obvious. I went to the flower shop and asked for all the citrus coloured ones in my bouquet. It was the easiest part, although, my favourite flowers craspedia (below) had to be imported from Holland (what?) Well, I insisted on having them in my bouquet and would have waited for them to be imported even from China.

my bouquet

We had so much fun planning what shoes and socks we wanted. We knew from the beginning we wanted something different. I kind of designed my own heels. He wanted rather casual shoes and I'm more than sure, if we were to do it again he would definitely go for converse shoes, probably yellow as well :) or classic black with yellow shoe laces, how cool is that! 
You already know the story of my shoes. I loved them but they cost me so much nerves. 

One thing that was missing, and nobody knows why we forgot about it, was candles. I love candles, the more the better, everywhere. If you have a garden wedding you can place them anywhere, in the grass, on trees in jars, on stairs, windows and tables, as long as it's safe of course. You can combine them with light garlands. We had a few of these but way too few.

You can also illuminate trees with some colourful light. Our friends came up with this idea and it also looked beautiful.

courtesy of Przemek Szuba

I will stop at this point. I've been blabbing on for too long :) Stay tuned. Next (sweet) post is coming very soon.


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    you are sooooo my wedding planner if I ever get married that is! Don't you worry! I am not gonna be a Bridezilla - we will understand each other perfectly (we are so alike when it comes to these things), we won't even have to talk!


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