Jun 18, 2012

Weekend in pictures

 It was one of the most beautiful summer weekends. There is a little picture overload here today but I simply couldn't resist posting all of them here for you. 

We found this cute breakfast idea and decided to try it out. It looks so pretty. 

It's unbelievable how fast everything grows. 

One of the few places where we could hide from the sun. 

I think we drank a swimming pool of water 

Handmade hangers 

 She loves us so much she wouldn't hide in the house. She kept us company the whole time outside

I love meadow flower bouquets

...and handsome farmers :)

we ate freshly picked peas together with Ginger of course

and drank lots of ice tea with lemon ice cubes


A tiny hand of our little Scrabble helper

Chocolate cake

We spent hours sitting on the porch and talking

and then we went for a long walk in the sunset

...which is Ginger's favourite part of weekends out of town

Have a lovely week dear friends!!!


  1. Love every single picture here.
    KA is that manual for you? If so you better teach me fast! Actually real fast, the wedding is in less than a month.
    Those eggs - awesome idea. Will try asap.
    MO your portrait picture looks as though it's on a fake background. LOVE YOUR weekend. You bettter not take me to that place, I will never leave.

  2. Yep! At least half of these are in Manual mode. I'll arrange a class soon!