Jan 3, 2013

Little toilet makeover

We live in a flat designed and done by my mother in law. She has a real flair for such things. Although we love this flat we really need to freshen up one or two things here. Toilet being the smallest space became our first project. We decided to do it on our own, without any help and I must tell you as much fun as it was, having a construction site in your house for over 3 months can be really annoying. I’m sure a professional would have done it within a week and we struggled for so long. However, we couldn’t be more proud that we made it and it doesn’t look that bad afterall. 
I don’t have a proper before picture. I tore down the wallpaper in a frenzy and forgot all about that. Here are just a couple of pics I made some time ago to show you bits and pieces from our house. The whole loo was covered in wood and oldfashioned wallpaper with a “window” at the back. 


And after

I am particularly proud of my project ‘sink’. I didn’t want a regular sink so I searched and searched and found the perfect vessel, made from my mom’s old clay mixing bowl. 

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