Jan 22, 2013

What's for breakfast - Bread with sundried tomatoes

I have always thought baking bread is a job for professionals and that there is no way I can do it myself and that it can actually work. It really did this time. It is definitely bread for lazy people, it doeasn’t require any touching or kneading for that matter, I love it. All you need to do is take some flour, stir here and there, wait 2 hours, bake for 40 and that’s it! You can add anything you like, I used dried tomatoes for this one but the other ones (there have been three already) had nigella inside and bruschetta mix (dried paprika, tomatoes, oregano etc). You can find the original recipe here.

Put the dish inside while you preheat the oven, it has to be super hot when batter lands in there.  

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