Jun 3, 2013


We’ve been enjoying this almost spring of ours recently. We visited some friends, family, spent some time away from town, bbqued a bit (in the rain), watched several films and listened to loads of music, it was what we wanted minus the bad weather. Here is what we’ve been up to these last couple of days.

During a very short visit at my brother’s he magically prepared (seriously, within just a couple of minutes) a super delicious salad, this forest fruit coctail and coffee (I think of my brother as a coffee master, that’s for sure). He once said (or at least I think he did) that if he didn’t do what he does for a living now, he’d definitely open his own restaurant. 

Next, some quality time with our friends. It’s a pity they live in Warsaw, we don’t get to see them too often.

This is Henryk. Don’t ask.

Ginger made some new friends, too. 

We went to a pottery club in Warsaw called Formy Kolory. We made this lovely cup/pot as a bday gift for our friend. I think it’s just the most wonderful idea and we had so much fun painting it. 

We spent the last two weeks at Kamil’s parents’ house. They were away and we were in charge of the house. We love being there, it’s always a little bit like holidays. We even sunbathed for almost an entire 15 minutes.

Kamil had a chance to cooperate with his friend on a small project in Słowacki Theatre.

But then he was back and we ate delicious baked potatoes.

Had some guests over.

We love having these around.

We completed some DIY projects together.

…and ate more delicious stuff.

Drank good wine…

…and ate some more.

Watched beautiful sunsets

…and got to see our cute niece.

Yesterday was super special. My dear friend Kasia gave birth to this handsome boy Mateusz. For the second time in my life I was lucky to meet a new little person just minutes after they were born. It’s unbelievably amazing waiting to hear their voice for the first time. Kasia & Łukasz you have a Son and I am soo happy for you!!! Congratulations!

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