Mar 3, 2014

A big mess with some great perspectives

I was well aware that renovating your own place is a big deal. Everyone who has been through it all talks about the dust, the mess and how problematic it is. Indeed it is but I think the biggest problem is that during this transition period you don't really feel at home anymore.
We had to leave for a few days last week to say our goodbyes to Monika's grandpa (bless him and may he rest in peace). As you can imagine this was a time when we couldn't think much about what's going on at home. In the meantime most of the windows have been changed and some walls painted so we were welcomed by a much bigger mess than the one we had left behind. Everything has been moved around so we spent the first hour or two simply trying to figure things out. As you can see in the pictures the only place to eat breakfast at the moment is in our bed which is something we have to do more often :)

Oh and Ginger is completely lost and has no idea what's going on. It looks like she's trying to sabotage our work by nibbling on the tools. I love her!


And here are some pictures from my Instagram feed. Just because.

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