Mar 19, 2014


Loving: Well, being pregnant obviously. This stage has been undoubtedly best so far with all the morning sickness and fatigue gone for good. I still can't believe it is really happening but the tiny kicks and stretches  in my belly remind me every night that it isn't in fact a dream. 

Reading: Ok, I promise not to be one of those pregnant ladies who only blabber about being pregnant but I must admit I've been mainly reading parenting blogs and books recently. It really is super exciting to read all about the stages the baby is going through and what to expect when you're expecting. 

Watching: We have finally given up tv and since January we no longer watch depressing news and brainwashing ads. When it comes to new year resolutions this has definitely been the best one ever. We still watch tv shows and movies, though, these we will never give up, ever! We've just finished True Detective. I didn't know what to think of it at first but I quickly became a huge fan. I cannot wait for the second season. House of cards is next on our list. Any other suggestions?

Listening to: Not much actually. I can't find my own place anywhere in the flat due to all the house makeover going on so there is nowhere I can sit quietly and enjoy some good music.  I wanted to liven up the baby so I've been playing some music to it through head phones. I think it actually worked. The baby must be a fan of Mozart.  

Thinking about: All the upcoming changes this year, they are all so exciting. Apart from the most obvious challenge, that's about to start in July, we want to focus on MoKa Studio. This is what we are most passionate about when it comes to work, no doubt about that. 

Looking forward to: Spring! I know it's around the corner. No more hats and coats and more sun and warm breeze. I love you Spring altough you give me terrible allergies. I sometimes hardly see the blooming flowers through my swallen eyes but I expect you like crazy anyway. 

So long winter hats, you will not be missed.

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