Mar 11, 2014

Weekend in pictures

It was a nice, relaxing weekend. Away from the mess at home we spent it enjoying the first signs of spring. It’s sunny and surprisingly warm so we decided to go for a walk around town. We stopped at Dorsche Resto Bar for a little something to eat. We heard the fish and chips there are fantastic and I must say that we weren’t disappointed. The fish soup was superb as well! We have to go there once again as the whole menu looked really tasty!
It was my dad’s name day on sunday so we enjoyed a huge family dinner with lots and lots of delicious food as well. You can’t leave with an empty stomach if my mom’s cooking! Especially if both grandmas chip in with an extra dish or dessert ;) We also took some photos of the baby bump as it really started showing. We are half way there and really enjoying the pregnancy not being so abstract anymore.

Oh and we got my dad a retro-styled popcorn machine for his home cinema. I didn’t take a picture but I definitely will the next time we’re there enjoying a good movie!


Hot chocolate, cheesecake and lemon tart for dessert!

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