Mar 31, 2014

Weekend in pictures

Oh what an exhausting weekend this was! It was Michałs stag party which was planned as a two day trip to the town of Wisła in the mountains. As anyone might guess it was all about lots of booze and having a great time with your friends. Actually, I didn’t know anybody except Michał so I wasn’t sure how I would fit in but the whole group was fun to hang out with from the very beginning.
One of the main attractions was a paintball game which was incredible! I played paintball once before on a company away-day but it was rubbish compared to what happened in Wisła.
Monika drove all the way to Wisła on Sunday morning to pick me up and the rest of the guys went on a short hiking trip. We went for a walk as the weather was simply fantastic and enjoyed a tasty soup on our way back home.

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