Apr 3, 2011

Sunny sunday

I can’t remember when was the last time I was woken up by the sun. It’s such a nice way of getting up in the morning. You’re not angry or tired or it’s not like you have to get up because it’s lame to spend so much time just lying in bed. So we woke up rather early which is around 10 on a Sunday and had a great breakfast feast with scrumbled eggs and bacon and…cocoa. We completely forgot about such a thing and hadn’t drunk cocoa for I guess a year or so. I truly recommend it as it gives you a real shot of energy for a sunny day like today. 

Mmmm, but that’s not the end. After breakfast we went for a long walk, had our first ice cream this spring and we sunbathed on a playground bench nearby, it was so hot, the weather I mean :) not us sunbathing. When we decided it’s high time to get back to work we needed a strong shot of espresso since the sun made us extremely sleepy (always a good excuse not to work).

Ok, now we’re getting back to writing. We’re also planning african dinner tonight so we’ll post the recipe in the evening.

Have a fabulous afternoon.

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