Oct 9, 2012


Loving: I'm loving the weather outside, well, except for the rainy days which suck. The other days are so sunny and beautiful. Apparently, I really love autumn and I think I've just realized that. I'm also loving the fact my birthday is just in a week. When it comes to birthdays I'm always super excited, even though it's my 29th. 

Reading: I'm almost done with the Twilight Saga which means I'm almost back from the land of vampires and warewolves. I truly don't care what people say about this book, I liked it and I'm proud if it :) I haven't been so involved in a book for a very long time. I needed that. It kind of helped me get away from things that were worrying me a bit too much. 

Watching: I'm still a loyal fan of a few series. It's October so all af them are back. Modern Family, How I met Your Mother, Grey's Anatomy and New Girl. I also watched two tiny BBC series of Miranda. Personally, I think it's one of the funniest comedy shows.

Listening to: When I get a new album I listen to it non stop until I can't listen to it anymore and hide it somewhere I won't find for next couple of weeks or months. Currently, I'm getting tired of Mumford & Sons new album "Babel", Ben Howard and Bon Iver. These are rather mellow but that's exactly what I need right now.

Thinking about: Kamil and I constantly wonder how to make our lives more exciting, almost everyday. We need to go on holidays, we need to travel more, meet more friends and see more places. We've been trying to figure out the way to combine our work life and our dreams. It's our goal!

Looking forward to: Definitely for MoKa Studio to spread its wings. We've been focused on it for quite some time now. 

Making me happy: Spending time and working with Kamil. I will never get tired of this. We make a great team, all three of us, how could I forget about Ginger :) She's the one who sets the pace in this family, at 7am sharp, every day! (except for weekends, she lets us sleep until 9, isn't she great?)

Post inspired by Danielle


  1. Man I have not read anything in a while. As in blogwise. Love this post. I will be terribly unoriginal and will do the same soon.


    1. Yay, that would be great if we could do it together :) regularly, say once per 2 weeks?

  2. You might like the new Elbow album if you want something mellow. (Mumford and Sons were my neighbors for 3 years, incredible how well they're doing, used to hear them rehearsing in the middle of the night)