Mar 21, 2011

Happy first day of Spring!

Hello everyone! Are you enjoying this lovely day? I wasn't so wrong to say spring is coming after all. The sun is shining so bright I even had to pull the curtains cause I couldn't see the keyboard properly. I've been feeling a bit low today so I had to cancel some lessons (I teach) and some students cancelled them, too, what a coinsidence. It turned out to be a day off work for me. I decided I would spend it all writing my thesis but as usual, the more free time I have the more things to wonder about. The topics are quite random - future plans, holidays, what to cook for dinner today, how to redecorate our flat, how to force myself to go on a diet etc. As you can see, how on earth can one focus on things like writing a thesis about a man who lived 2000 years ago when there is so much going on in the present. wrrr. this makes me frustrated.

Well, but coming back to the subject of spring it makes me so in the mood for going somewhere for the weekend.
This is one of the ideas for a perfect weekend away from the city >>Górska Osada Three wooden houses in the mountains. It really looks fabulous and what's more exciting, it's extremely close to Kraków, in Poronin. It'd probably take less than 2 hours to get there. With a bunch of friends you can rent one of these houses and spend some wonderful time together, admiring some beautiful views.
Here are some pics of this place. It looks so cosy.

If you have any other recommendations for a short trip let us know :-)

Have a fabulous afternoon!


  1. Monia, what is your thesis about? Sounds like Jesus to me :)

  2. I'm afraid the character of my thesis is less exciting as he was one of the famous teachers of the 1st century - Quintilian. Probably you're snoring already so I'll just shut up :)