Mar 18, 2011

Italian flavours

Finally, I managed to get up after an "i'm-so-full-I-need-to-lay-down" dinner nap to write this post. This is also one of the easiest recipes for pasta. We love cooking but during the week we need express recipes. That is also why I love Jamie Oliver's ideas some of which should be posted here shortly :)

Today's dinner consisted of:

farfalle or any other kind of pasta
tin of tuna
large tbsp tomato puree
2,3 cloves of garlic
a handful of peas
fresh basil
olive oil

Start with cooking the pasta, the rest will be ready by the time it's al dente. Using a drop of olive oil or some butter if you prefer fry chopped onion and garlic. Add tuna and tomato puree, all the ingredients land on the pan more or less at the same time (that's why it's so quick and simple). Now add the peas (frozen or previously steamed for 5mins). You can now combine pasta with the sauce and...voila! dinner's ready. Believe me or not, it took me exactly 12 minutes. Oh! I forgot, usually we add fresh basil leaves and sprinke it with virgin olive oil but this time we didn't have any so we added some mozzarella instead, it really tastes heavenly with almost anything. In case you didn't notice there's no salt or fat here, well, except for a pinch I added when cooking the pasta. We're trying to eat healthy but that doesn't mean it's tasteless, it's actually quite the opposite :)

Here are some pics I took while cooking, they're not the best quality but it's so dark outside and I don't like flash.

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