Mar 15, 2011

Today's inspiration

Since we promised to inspire you with various items, whether useful in your kitchen or brightening your living room I would like to start with some practical ones. Here's a set of kitchen boards we had a chance to use as it was one of the wedding gifts from our dearest friends. It's great mainly because it's easy to keep clean and in one place and there is a seperate colour for different kinds of food. The one with the cat is from a different shop but isn't it cute?
Found at
Found at Home&Home
We will show off with some other gifts we got and we honestly recommend next time :) Let me show you what I've had in mind for some time now. I desperately need a new desk, if by any chance you know a good place (in Krakow) with desks like the ones below please, let me know.
PS: For those of you who already have a desk but need a good chair to go with it this will be quite a good idea. After work you can always take a short nap ;)

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