Mar 9, 2011

Spring is coming to town!

I just can't believe it's true. I said goodbye to my winter coat today and I wasn't even pretending to be warm in my spring jacket. I bought a pot of flowers to make my living room look more springlike. I visited Kamil at the hospital as well, ok, let's say I spent most of the day with him. We played some Boggle, great game btw,  and we kept each other's company. He's much, much better today and what's more important, he's most probably coming home tomorrow.  I can't wait. It really made my day, definitely more than the flowers I bought :)

Also...Take a look at this lovely tiny house I'm definitely going to have one of these one day...mmmmm...
Thumbs up to Mademoiselle Absolutely Ladylike for creating something this beautiful.

In case you need a different inspiration source for your future tiny house, take a look at this link:
This Tiny House

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