Jul 1, 2011

Jamie's style summer pasta

Recently, our friend Olga lent us the 30 min meals cook book by Jamie Oliver. It really is my all time favourite. All the recipies are really easy. I’m not as fast as Jamie when it comes to cooking (this guy’s like a rocket) but together with Kamil we usually manage to create something not only edible but also quite tasty :) 
This time, I had to change the recipe slightly as I ran out of some ingredients. I found a nice recipe for pasta with tomatoes but not regular spaghetti with boring tomatoes but quadrelli rigati pasta with sauce made of baked tomatoes, pepper, onion and garlic. I baked everything myself. The taste was heavenly. Somehow, baking or grilling veggies makes them sweet and tender. I cut the cherry tomatoes in halves, chopped the pepper and onions and added a few cloves of garlic. That’s it! I baked them for about 30mins in 220C and then blended a bit, adding a spoonful of cream fraiche.  I also left a little bit of baked vegetables to put on top and seasoned everything generously with basil leaves. Oh, don’t forget to add salt and pepper and maybe a bit of chilli powder. Enjoy!

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