Jul 27, 2011

Tuna and parsley

Somehow I deleted all the pictures taken while preparing this dish but believe me, visual instructions are not necessary as this is THE easiest recipe ever, introduced to me by a good friend of mine many many years ago and still, I'm not bored with it. Well, in my case it's usually...the easier and quicker the better plus the taste will always remind me of those times with my friends.

All you need is....
...love...(don't you love this song?) 

and any kind of pasta
can of tuna chunks (in water or brine, drained)
2 cloves of garlic
1 cup sour cream
salt & pepper
lots and lots of parsley (actually, I'm not a very big fan of parsley but this is the only dish where I can add handfuls of it)

    Fry the onion, add chopped garlic, tuna, fry for 3 mins, add cream and parsley, season with s&p...done!

    Ooh! don't forget to boil the pasta :)


    1. Delicious! Gorgeous! I believe that's what they call a win/win ;)

    2. Definitely :) I love your shop btw!!!