Jan 24, 2015

Star Wars Baby Mobile

It’s never too early to start learning what the most crucial things in life are, right? That’s why we decided to educate Lara the moment she opened her eyes…with a Star Wars baby mobile of course. I know it’s not perfect but it’s made with love. I hadn’t really cared much for star wars before I met Kamil. I remember telling him-“star wars? have I seen it? well, it rings a bell but I hardly remember it” and the look on his face and the slight hesitation-“do I break up with her this instant or do I give a chance to this sad ignorant”. I was a quick learner, though, a padawan one might say and I quickly became a fan. It’s so sweet to see Kamil tell Lara all the exciting stories about Luke and Leia, while they both hang above her crib. Frankly, I am happy these are not pink hearts or colourful unicorns flying above her head, I’m happy it’s Yoda and Chewbacca. It makes my heart melt to see Kamil and Lara create this special bond. 

Jan 5, 2015

Winter wonderland

                              A couple of weeks ago in Zakopane

Jan 4, 2015

Lara's first snow

Although Lara didn’t care much for the first snow this winter and for the fact that this was her first snow ever we took her for a long winter walk on the second day of christmas. We had a wonderful time and Lara slept almost the entire time. At least we have these photos and a few more where we behave as if it was the very first time for us to see snow and this way we will remember for her :)

Jan 3, 2015

Christmas hot chocolate mix

Because there have been no sign of snow in Cracow and it seems it will stay this way during xmas we’re doing everything to make this special time of the year feel at least a bit…special. We haven’t bought a tree yet but everything else is in progress. We’re working on christmas menu (extra difficult this year due to our meat free diet), decorating the flat with ornaments, listening to xmas songs and drinking tons of hot chocolate. I love hot cocoa every now and then before going to bed but this time I needed something more serious, a real deal, not some dull chocolate milk. Make this mix and I promise all the cold, windy december evenings will became so much cosier and more pleasant. And it’s hard not to agree that you simply need hot chocolate in your life.


1 cup unsweetened cocoa

1,5 cup powdered sugar

1,5 cup powdered milk

1 tsp salt

2 tsb cornstarch

optionally 0,5 tsb cinnamon

Combine all the ingredients in a food processor or mix well with a whisk. Store in a big jar or divide between a few smaller jars and give to your best friend as a pre xmas gift.

Stay warm!